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3D Motion, Product Visualization


Cinema 4D, Redshift



Together with the design studio New Presence I tackled the challenge of doing product visualisations for Nimway from Sony. Nimway is made for companies so that they can optimize how their offices are being used. This includes a combination of different physical products, such as sensors and tablets, but also analytics and other software.

New Presence, Webdesign & Art Direction
Germano Mombach, 3D Mastering

This was a great project for me with a lot of challenges as this was my first project working with product visualization. Unlike in previous projects I had to work towards a level of realism which was new to me, but I learned a lot when it comes to achieving this look, especially within lighting and materials/textures.

 Another challenge for me was to find balance in between having a playful, snappy and dynamic feel to all the different scenes, whilst still ensuring that the main focus, which of course is the product/services is clear as day. Finding this balance took a lot of trial and error but together with New Presence we managed to find a middleground.

When first prompted with this task, we had a darker universe in mind for visualising the products and this is where the project started off. 
But after a while of having the darker and moodier scenes on the Nimway website we felt like we were lacking in some areas. It felt too dark and gloomy so we opted to go with a bright universe instead.

This is where Germano Mombach came in and helped me look over the scenes I had created. Together with him we managed to achieve the level of realism that we were looking for and needed.

You can see his amazing work at:

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