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Collaboration with Hippie House. Hippie House is a production company based in Buenos Aires, Argentina who stood for the Art Direction and production of this multi-studio collaborative project.

Hippie House was working on a passion project where they wanted some 2D scenes that had already been sketched on turned into 3D and this is where me and Blanka Bodor came in.

What did I do? 3D Animation, Lighting, Texturing and Modeling.

Hippie House, Production & Art Direction
Blanka Bodor, Modeling

Magnet-2D Screenshot-2023-12-22-at-15.32.30-1

By using the sliders beneath and to the left of this paragraph, you can see the comparision of the 2D Styleframes that me and Blanka recieved from Hippie House and the 3D scenes that we delivered. Working with Art Direction this strong is a first for me and it was a very valuable lesson and something that I'm deeply grateful for having gotten the opportunity to. From start to finish I had a clear direction of what to do, and together with Hippie House I was able to express me ideas and able to ball my ideas and input with them.

This project is made up from several different scenes and it's about a sphere travelling through time and space via match cuts in order to create a seamless but also dynamic and interesting visual piece but with a fairly simple object.

It was really giving to work on such a creative and out of the ordinary project embracing mixed media. Working together with so many people with such a diverse skillset was really interesting and being a part of the pipeline for this project was really helpful.

Big thank you to Hippie House and all other collaborators for letting me a part of this project!

Gum-2D Screenshot-2023-12-22-at-15.31.10

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